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Cosmos of Chaos - B.A. Exhibition

My senior exhibit focusing on design, illustration, and book layouts.

Artist Statement for this body of work:

Cosmos of Chaos explores fantastic worlds existing on the edge of impossibilities and unknowns through storytelling. Using digital illustration, design, and writing, these works are a window for the viewer into a small part of my imagination—woven from bright and beautiful color, nature, and light.

I have always been a spacey daydreamer, dipping a mere toe in reality while the rest of me craned toward the sky. Stories have cradled me since I was young: reading into late hours of the night until my eyes hurt, bringing visions in my head to paper with every color I could see, playing pretend with my siblings in the woods—my work is an expression of my love of imagination, as it has been my friend since the beginning.

These places, characters, and worlds exist within me, and are thus extensions of me. I ask viewers to know my characters as friends, explore these places as adventurers, and discard reality for some small period of time to become lost in imagination and story. If there is any sort of magic that exists in this world, it is what we create as small gods of our inner cosmos.

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